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I don't think I understand how the articles out there wouldn't represent you.

Humans have a mantality to congregate into groups and generally that come with similarities.


"The less information we have about a person, the more actual similarity affects liking"

Now I wouldn't argue not to write, but don't you think it is interesting how we use race, sex, and appearances to establish similarity before we are aware of any actual similarity.


It is not about only "similarities". It is about representation.
Like I see you like anime and so do I, so that is what I would understand as a similarity.
Now, your gender, race and sexual orientation are a big part of who you are, specially in today's society. When you are part of a group that is underrepresented in tech you often feel unsure if you can really do it. You feel out of place. So, in my case, seeing women that are out there doing awesome tech work, inspires me and sends me the message that: Hey, I can do that too!
Hope that makes sense :)


But I don't want to represent other, white, heterosexual men. And more importantly I haven't assigned a representative for me.

This is not to say there are no challenges faced due to, well pretty much anything. I'm also not saying it is wrong to stereotype. What I'm looking at is to familiarize ourselves with how the brain copes with different situations.

Do be inspired and do have fun with challenging others and yourself. It is just how we are :)

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