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Oracle Fusion Financials Interview Questions

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Q1) What exactly does Oracle mean by ‘Fusion’?

Ans: Oracle Fusion Applications is the name of new business software applications that generally came to be available in October 2011. The market started talking about fusion applications many years ago. Oracle also adopted the name fusion which is adopted by every Oracle application by simplifying all the media server layers for running functionality of varied kinds. The shift in the way people work needed to be reflected in enterprise application solutions.

Q2) Why did Oracle decide to build a new product from scratch?

Ans: Oracle decided to start from zero where the one reason behind it is that Oracle needed to define development roadmap for all of the ERP systems it owns. Well, this might not have been the most important reason; it was far from the only reason. Another that today many organizations are embracing service-oriented applications and they want industry standard applications platform and ERP system needed to adapt to it.

Businesses are evolving into the new, more social network environments the company sees their employees are connected through chat, social networking sites, online communities, and also sort of capabilities that are used for our personal lives on a daily basis.

Q3) What is Oracle Fusion Apps Goals?

Ans: It has been significantly observed that it has been used in new standards for innovation, work, and adoption respectively. Building a product on an open standard which allows the organizations to the lower cost by having commonly available skills in the marketplace. Lower the risk of integration with other applications which in turn makes it easier to configure, maintain, and protect all your configurations during the upgrades. Companies have to adapt to the challenges of the market and the configurations of the current systems that are hard to change in the fast environment.

Q4) What is Oracle Fusion Middleware?

Ans: Oracle Fusion Middleware is a foundation for innovation built to improve efficiency by providing agility. This seeks to provide help for carrying out the business on a digital platform significantly. The entire process ensures high performance, agility, longevity with reliability at any scale respectively. This will also eventually help in lowering the cost of the organization to experience more productivity at work respectively. They dynamically provide a cutting-edge solution for the betterment of business growth in a significant way.

Q5) What Are Choices Recommended As Far As Adopting Fusion Applications?

Ans: The application helps to run and manage every program irrespective of software and hardware in an efficient way. To configure a business systematically and strategically the middleware act as a key driving component to a large extent considerably. Therefore, the key components include are Business Intelligence, User Interaction, Application Grid, Content Management, and many others in a wider spectrum respectively.

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