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How quickly and easily run a local server with fake api data (mocks)?

Sometimes you need to develop a frontend part of a project without a ready-made api, knowing only its structure. In this case, using json-schema-faker, you can generate fake data (mocks) and deploy it to your local server.

Firstly u will need to install json-schema-faker package

yarn add json-schema-faker

Then open the package.json file and add scripts with the following

// ...
"scripts": {
  // ...
  "start-mockapi": "json-server --watch ./mocks/api/db.json --port 3001",
  "generate-mock-data": "node ./generateMockData",

After installation, you will need to describe the structure in ./mocks/dataSchema.js of future mocks. You can find more information here.

const schema = {
  reports: {
    type: 'array',
    minItems: 5,
    maxItems: 10,
    items: {
      id: {
        type: 'integer',
        unique: true,
        minimum: 1,
        maximum: 1000,
      title: {
        enum: ['production', 'azure data', 'azure data 2'],
      logo: ''

module.exports = schema;

Copy paste script for generating mock data from here in ./generateMockData.js and run the following

yarn generate-mock-data && yarn start-mockapi

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