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Master the World of Angular - Issue #10

Weekly · Andrey Kutsenko · July 15 · Join for free or add the newsletter rss

Master the World of Angular. Each week Andrey Kutsenko serves the finest articles about the theories, trends, tools and topics.

Andrey uses Angular to build developer platform Jexia. Are you an advanced Angular user? Stay ahead with his Angular Ninja Newsletter.


Why you should care about Angular Elements

There has been a huge hype going on within the development world about Web Components, Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) and lookalike.

Web components in Angular using Angular elements

Angular elements is extremely helpful in building cross framework components. 


Making an Angular app to PWA

In this section, I am going to discuss changes made in angular 6 towards Progressive Web App (PWA). Basically, how to make your app PWA compatible.

How to unit test Angular components with fake NgRx teststore

Maybe you are aware of Angular NgRx Material Starter project. It’s a community effort providing up-to-date info on implementing all known best practices. 


Angular and Google Maps: a tutorial

Perform geocoding by address and location, work with markers and geocode by the marker’s position and work with circles and programmatically adjust their radiuses.

Angular 6 Observables Example Tutorial From Scratch

Observables are the collections of multiple values over time. Observables are lazy and cancelable.

Redux introduction with NgRx (part 5): NgRx syntax explained

Declaring actions in ngrx is not what you saw in most of the Redux tutorials. In fact ngrx is tailored for Angular and so written completely in Typescript.

The extensive guide for creating streams in RxJS

For most devs the first contact with RxJS is established by libraries like Angular. Some functions return streams and to use these you focus naturally on operators.


VSCode Extensions for Angular Developers - YouTube

Here are some useful VSCode extensions for Angular developers. Which other extensions would you recommend for other Angular developers? Let me know.

Accessing parent route params via paramsInheritanceStrategy

Ben Nadel looks at the “paramsInheritanceStrategy” configuration option of the Angular Router in Angular 6.0.7. This option, when set to “always”, will allow a route segment’s params object to include the params of its parents.

Weekly · Andrey Kutsenko · July 15 · Join for free or add the newsletter rss

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