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Are You Doing COVID-19 Research?

“World War II was the defining moment of our parents’ generation. In a similar way, the COVID-19 pandemic—the first modern pandemic—will define this era.” – Bill Gates said it in his last post yesterday.

One of the interesting aspects of his observations is the need to collaborate our efforts on treatments, vaccines, testing and contact tracing.

We all want to help fight Covid-19. At JFrog we are helping developers be more productive with their work by harnessing the power of DevOps best practices (and tools).

Are you working on IoT to medical devices?

Here is one example on how to improve your process to ship better code in a faster way.

There are many more examples like that but bottom line, we want to help any organization that is fighting Covid-19.

You can apply here:

What is FrogCare program?

FrogCare is JFrog’s way of giving back and helping where we can. In this case, FrogCare is focused on providing DevOps tooling to qualifying organizations or projects that are fighting the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). If your project or company qualifies, you’ll get access to world-class DevOps tools from JFrog free of charge. Hosted on AWS, you’ll have gratis access to JFrog Artifactory, JFrog Xray for DevSecOps and JFrog Pipelines for cloud-native CI/CD orchestration and management.

Is It Free?

It’s free, yes. We just want to help where we can. If you’re approaching your limits, we’ll get in touch with you to give you some tips on how to keep your storage or transfer costs down, or explore other options with you – but don’t worry. This isn’t a sales exercise.

Wish to learn more? Check the conversation I had with Alan Shimel from

Last but not least, if you wish to help with active projects, check this

Be safe!

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