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Jorge G贸mez 馃懆鈥嶐煉火煔
Jorge G贸mez 馃懆鈥嶐煉火煔

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12 Useful Resources for Junior Web Developers

Hi! My name is Jorge, I'm a junior web developer based in Spain. My path started one year ago, when I decided to jump into my real dream as a web dev. I had previously programmed but I decided to take it seriously.

A few months later, my skills was improved so far. 99.9% of my improvement was thanks to a lot of resources I found on internet.

List of Resources

  • Diagrams | This is such a great web for draw a lot of diagrams you need. I use it for my databases as long as I need to share with my peers.
  • Aww App | A useful whiteboard for share your ideas. Perfect for collaborative drawing.
  • Docusaurus | A good tool for maintain Open Source documentation websites.
  • CSS Section Generator | If you want to take your website design to another level, this separator generator allows you to create different sections for your web.

CSS Section Generator

  • Grid by example | The perfect place if you need to understand how grid layout works.
  • Sweet Alerts | A beautiful tool for replacement alerts. It's a npm pakage so you need to install it as a dependencie.

Sweet Alerts

  • Regular Expressions | For those who want yo learn, build and test regular expressions.
  • JSFiddle | If you need to test your code and you don't want to open VS Code, JSFiddle brings you the possibility to use an online editor.
  • Gitignore | Node modules? logs? Try this tool to autogenerate a .gitignore file that includes all the directories and files you don't want to push into GitHub.
  • Carbon | Since SnapCode (and Polacode) stopped working on VS Code, Carbon was my first choice for create and share images of my code.


  • Typora | A minimal markdown editor (free during beta version).
  • Improving your Vim skills | That's an incredible-long post about Vim. If you want learn vim as a pro, you need to check it out.

That's was my first post here! so sorry if I made grammar mistakes. I hope you will find it interesting. Feel free to correct any mistakes I have made. 馃檪

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