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Discussion on: Linux, the right choice?

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I have to agree with you. I've been using Linux on and off since the late 90s and exclusivly for a couple of years until last year. While I enjoy it a lot, I feel like there is always something that needs fixing. I've had bugs in gnome, problems with sleep and shutdown and other stuff. Windows 10 has been very stable for me, and WSL2 has really improved the coding experience on Win10.

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Same here, recently I did a test during a full year using Linux (elementaryOS ) as my main OS for work.
Im a tech lead in a dev shop using mostly Microsoft Stack. (core, old etc etc)

While I was able to do pretty much everything (still needed windows vm for some projects). The feeling of being able to work on linux was nice. (almost felt like representation of hackers in movies :) ).

But in reality I was always spending more time to fix little issues like updates breaking my bluetooth, or some weird issues with PATH for node js etc etc. at least once a week I had to deal with linux only related issues. With the time it just become too annoying and time consuming so that s why I came back to windows at least for work.

But from my experience I have a completely new view on linux.

What I loved:
You can work on linux (even with microsoft product like vscode, teams, azure db etc)
You can game on linux (thanks protonDB)
Some distros are truly amazing. (elementaryOS, new Ubuntu 20.04, linux mint to name a few)

What I hated:
the "extreme" side of linux community and users sometime deserving linux itself by stating shit like 'this distro is better or (you are not suing vim editor.... you are not a true one...) or "oh no he's using a proprietary software on linux what a shame!!). this type of argument annoy me and I think linux is still 'behind' mostly because of that.
Also those constant breaking change or shit you have to fix all the time compare to windows.
The absence of Microsoft Office on linux (yes libre/open office is nice, but not at ms office level)

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Laurent Payot

I use OnlyOffice Community Edition for Linux as a Microsoft Office replacement. Works great.

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Oh yeah good alternatives are out there for sure. but when it comes to fully collaborate with peers using live sharing docs and all those little fancy feature from Microsoft experience isn't smooth.