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Hii, I am a computer science student who is aspiring to be a full stack web developer.

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I made a Google classroom bot in less than 100 lines!

Nice automation 🤣🤣🤣. I would definitely like a how to on this.

Using Image background Over Text

Yepp or a codepen would've been even better.

Some Windows Terminal tips

nice one thank you for this post.

What I'd like to hear from an experienced developer when I was a beginner

Did you read the next line about the fair answer yes and no...

Github Guesser - A Starry Game - 2 weeks of data

All the best mate.

Github Guesser - A Starry Game - 2 weeks of data

Wowww, that's good and also is there a way to update stars ...

Github Guesser - A Starry Game - 2 weeks of data


Cards hover animation - WotW


Why homogenous dev setups aren't the best idea

Thank you for the heads up, edited it.

JavaScript’s apply, call, and bind explained by hosting a cookout

An awesome article, thank you for sharing this.

Why homogenous dev setups aren't the best idea

For beginners edge can be tiresome because some features of...

Why homogenous dev setups aren't the best idea

I am a windows user who also uses Linux sometimes, edge bro...

Why we need to use HTTP/2

Woww, thank you.

What Is Serverless?

Woww, plain and simple. In the next article of serverless o...

Debugging with Git


What is GraphQL?

This is the first article about graphql with a good example...

Results of a Study to Understand JavaScript Bugs (and How to Avoid Them)

Thank you for this awesome article.

What's your approach to fixing a "long-term" hairy bug?

I guess this is where IDE capabilities are the most helpful...

The new (and old) CSS units you've never heard about

Awesome article, thank you for sharing the knowledge.

The Accidental Game

Any version of the game on web or android?

How to Make All Browsers Understand Your CSS

Thank you, this is so helpful.

I'm an engineer, educator & innovator with 10+ software patents from my R&D past. Ask Me Anything!

Hii, I have a lot's of questions. I don't know if this AMA ...

How to think like a programmer — lessons in problem solving

I think I saw this in medium by freecodecamp it was a good ...

Knapsack problem algorithms for my real-life carry-on knapsack


Demystifying Dynamic Programming

Hii, Aliana this is an awesome post I haven't made it all t...