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I have been using Deepin as my main operating system for slightly over six months now, and i can proudly proclaim that the experience has been somewhat pleasant. Although its far from perfect like, and cannot compare to heavy weights like Ubuntu,it gets the job done.

Enough about my feelings about it, lets get to the meat and beans of things, and here is a list of apps you should get and what you should use if by any chance you decide to try out Deepin.

  1. VS CODE
    It goes without saying that this is the best editor out there and nothing comes close. Almost every web developer on the globe uses it, and why wouldn’t they. It offers a plethora of tools and supports almost every programming language known to man with extensions that make development feel like a hobby, that is if your not dealing with bugs. The main selling point for me about this editor is the ability to customize it in whichever way pleases me. Do not get me wrong atom too does well in this sector but the fact that it does not feature a way to remove the ugly annoying tittle bar really set me off.

    On our list the second development tool is Netbeans. I also do not know who or what is behind the name. Its a java application for writing, well you guessed it java programs with extensions for writing c/c++ applications, node js apps and php. It is a very powerful IDE and i use it for writing c++ and so far it has never failed to deliver. It also features an extension for removing the title bar so you can guess why i love it so much. If you do get the IDE i recommend using darkula LAF as your theme.

  3. Deepin editor
    As the name suggests this is also an editor but it does not have any of the fancy features that vs code offers like intelis-sense and so on. So do not even think about writing programs on it, you have been warned. Typically when you clone a project and have a file that you need to look at quickly you should use this. There is no point in going throught the hussle and bussle of opening a project with an ide just to change on line.
    If you have never used notepad+++ then give this a try and if you have, still, give this a try. It comes as one of the bloatware with deepin so need to install it,

  4. Chrome
    Now ,if your new to coding you have probably been told that googling is your best friend. So why not use the browser made by google. Chrome is by far the most used browser in the world. And this is the reason why i probably use it. The ability to save passwords and bookmarks and sync them across different devices is very productive. It also features some very powerful developer tools. This is also among the bloatware that Deepin comes with so no need to install it although, it is outdated and i highly recommend you update it once you get the OS.

    Another awesome browser is Firefox. It also supports the features that chrome supports like password saving and sharing. I will not talk about it extensively because i do not use as much as chrome. What i do like about it and what every other web developer will say is that, it has the best CSS features out there when writing web pages, especially when working with CSS grid.

    This is by far the best music player for Dinux right now. In terms of user interface nothing else comes close. It features an album view, artist listing and an equalizer although not the best. It also has lyrics support so give it too a try. If you would like a music player to play your music offline this is for you. You might struggle with the installation a few times if your installing it directly from source but its worth it.

    Yes , this is also bloatware that Deepin comes with and it is what is use personally: wps writer for my essays and pdf viewer for viewing pdf documents. It is really pleasing and the interface looks very nice. You could buy the premium suite but software is best enjoyed when it is free.

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