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How to Edit your videos for youtube using iMovie

jinagamvasubabu profile image vasubabu ・1 min read

For any New YouTuber, the biggest hurdle is video editing. In this video, I am going to show you how to edit your videos like a PRO using iMovie

Video editing using iMovie

Note: Click on the above page to redirect to youtube

This is a step by step based tutorial, you can directly skip to the respective topic if you don't want to watch the entire video. Please find the timestamps below:

2:12 Import Media
2:36 Add Videos to Timeline
3:14 Adding Voiceover

5:15 Adding Tiles
6:30 Adding Transitions
7:26 Adding Timelapse Effect
9:48 Adding an image (logo)
13:50 Green Screen Effects
17:29 Animation using Keynote
18:53 Animated Intro
21:00 Remove BG Noise
21:47 Export to Media

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HubertRussell • Edited

You can edit your youtube videos on the inshot pro apk app at to create the best quality videos.