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Queues not running in laravel

Hi, Recently when i tried to run queues on localhost, i encountered very strange problem. the command for running a queue in laravel

php artisan queue:listen

stopped working for me. i tried QUEUE_CONNECTION=SYNC which worked but any other connection would not.

Later i realised it was because apparently my application was in maintenance mode or i had run php artisan down command and never did this up. So even my application was running, it was according to kernel was in down or maintenance mode. once i ran command php artisan up, it started working again.

just wanted to write this down here, if anybody else encounter same problem.


upon investigation i realised down command creates a file storage/framework/down which apparently tell application its in maintenance mode. php artisan up simply delete this file, which let the whole application know its up.


Documentation says --force flag should make it work in maintenance mode but it does not seems to work for me.

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