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Discussion on: Do we have a chat channel?

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endan Author • Edited on

OK, so I was supposed to leave this to other people because

1.) I don't have much experience administrating chat channels and
2.) Bystander effect

But my ass just got whooped by Javascript just now and I really had a hard time debugging. I needed help but again, noob things like asking about promises and callbacks in a post might just be ignored because there are tons of resources on the internet. But really, chat is still different. I really wish I could ask help from someone real-time and so I decided I'm going to do this.

How do you think I can start? On a community level? Should I contact admins first? Because as you know, I am not part of their team in the first place. 😅😭

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Pierre Bouillon

Create a small IRC, If the idea is good and people are enjoying it, maybe it will be integrated into Anyway, contact Ben or any other staff member if you are in doubt ! :)

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Ben Halpern

I responded to @nektro here

You can start a chat and make a post but if it's going to work ideally it should probably run through us. Let me give this some thought and we can keep this thread going for any ideas.

The more you can convince me of the pros and cons of certain options and spec out how the whole thing would go down, the more likely it is to happen so please illuminate me with ideas. I don't want to spread the community too thin, water down the user experience by causing people to sign up and maintain different services, or lose valuable learnings in chat that is not archived for search. And we don't want to reinvent the wheel.

So the more folks have ideas that address any of these concerns the more likely it is to happen.