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I'm currently quality assurance (AKA tester) for a large company with a lot of devs and qa teams, there are people with no programming skills doing tests and some others with programming skills but these ones mostly works on test automation (which is my case).

From my experience I just want to give you some advices:

0- I dentify which is the best channel of communication to get in touch with the QA team but specialy with the guy who is testing your items, Sometimes sending emails does not work and you need to find a way to get in sync with him.

1- Make sure that the one who will test your iteam has at least a hight level knowledge of how does that works, sometimes testers open bugs reports for things that were working as expected.

2- Always send emails about the work done and let the team knows that the item is in testing phase. This could help you to track your item activity, and if the manager start complaining about something you already has evidences about your job.

I hope this advices can helps you :D


Totally agree, communication should always be clear :) And triaging the issues to make sure those which aren't actually bugs get closed again.

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