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The Rust Programming Language by Ben Goldberg

I recently went to a talk on Rust the other week that was hosted by RIT's own Linux User Group or Ritlug. The talk was given by Ben Goldberg, a fellow GCCIS student at RIT, and was an intro to programming in Rust and its possible uses.

The Content

Ben's presentation was split into two parts, a slide deck portion as well as some coding examples. Ben describes Rust as a language that provides both performance and control, and raved about the languages safety and compiler features. He went over syntax, typing, scope, and other topics as an introduction into the language and what it's like to use it. A particularly interesting part of Rust is that variables are immutable by default; the mut keyword is used to make a variable mutable.

The Talk

I really liked the talk and its structure. The atmosphere in the room felt pretty informal for a presentation, audience members would shout out questions to Ben or provide more context to some of his talking points. The dynamic nature of the presentation was really interesting and I hope that a lot of the presentations given at Ritlug are this interactive. Everyone one in the room seemed to be working together to paint a more detailed picture on the language, and it's a lot different when compared to other talks I've sat through.

The talk was great and informative, and I want to learn a lot more about Rust when I get some time to sit down and read through the Rust Book and documentation which were both recommended highly by Ben for those that want to jump in.

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