Tips for New Software Developers

James Hood on May 05, 2017

This post was originally posted on my blog Amazon is a fast-paced, decentralized and constantly changing environment. It can be a bit of a shock... [Read Full]
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Recently I gone through on-site interview at Amazon ( I didn't make it though ) during the interview process I realised that Amazon internally very much run on 14 leadership principles by jeff bezos Leadership Principles . I want to know how you people apply these principles while working within Amazon long term and short term.


Getting ready to start my first job after college developing for Target. I often find myself getting anxious about how to get the best start up there. Reading this helped quell a bit of my anxiety for a bit while I picked up on some good advice.


Glad you found it helpful. Congratulations and good luck!


New developers frequently feel insecure because they know there's a vast array of > technologies that they know nothing about.

So much this right now! That was a great read thanks for posting!


Glad you found it helpful! We've all been there. Take it one step at a time. Good luck!


These are absolutely great tips for developers of any experience level. Newbies fortunate enough to read this post will get an intro to some concepts that will carry them through their whole career.


Great article thanks so much for sharing and the points about it being a career is really helpful for someone that is just pivoting from a banking career to web dev.


As a junior developer, I found these tips super helpful! Thanks for writing this piece.


Excellent information. As a new software engineer I find it very useful. What personal development books would you recommend for new software developers?


Hi, glad you found it useful! Here are some personal development books I recommend:

  • Crucial Confrontations - This book changed the way I think about and handle confrontation. It's helped me immensely in my career and personal life.
  • Finding Flow - Concise, excellent read. The best book I've found explaining "how to feel consistently happy/satisfied in life."
  • The Power of Vulnerability - Great counterargument to the Tech industry's "gladiator culture." You don't have to be an asshole to be successful in Tech.
  • Self Compassion - Great read for people suffering from Imposter Syndrome.
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