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PR 2 for release 0.3

For my second PR, I worked on Seneca's IPC144 Course Notes website. This is a docusaurus created website that has markdown files for chapters taught in the IPC144 course. This was a cool one to work on because I recognized a bunch of the notes and diagrams from one of my first courses at Seneca. The issue I was helping fix was a massive list of markdown files we needed to audit and fix. So I helped out by working on one of the markdown files in a separate issue.

We were given a checklist of stuff we would need to check for and fix. This included things like formatting adjustments, typos, fixing clarity, adding links to connect the notes better, running the website through testers, etc. For my pull request I just went through the document both as the raw markdown and the ran website versions to double check for any errors, while going down the checklist to make sure everything looked correct. Auditing took a surprisingly long amount of time and even then afterwards I was given some very good reviews that helped me fix a few things I didn't catch the first time. It really shows the power of open source, where even after spending hours auditing you can easily still make mistakes, either by tunneling on some stuff, or just missing something, or even not knowing about stuff. You can learn a lot from other people giving a review to your pull request. I didn't know about docusaurus' front matter implementation so getting a review teaching me about that was really cool.

It was also cool to learn about Lighthouse and Web Hint. I never used either before but now that I know of their existence I will definitely use them in the future for any web projects that I work on.

In the end I was able to make changes to the markdown file, and adjusted to match what feedback I received from my peers. The changes were successfully approved and merged into the main branch.

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