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Release 0.4 Planning

For my 0.4 release we were assigned to continue our venture into open source repositories. For this release I decided to continue working on the Seneca IPC144 repo because I had gotten to know the project better from my 0.3 release and I wanted to explore more of how the website worked. I also learned a lot from taking a look and reviewing my peers' PRs in that repository so I think this time around I could do a better job.
I selected 4 issues that were within the same area:

I plan on going through each issue one-by-one in the order listed because I think as I work on one it will help me get a better understanding of how to take on the next. My goal is to finish the first three issues for this week and then to begin figuring out how to achieve a solution for issue 127. For my audit and fixing issues I will use the knowledge I gained from my previous audits/reviews of audits, my goal is to attempt to fix the page so when it is reviewed there will be if not none then, less mistakes than I had the first time I made an audit. That is the basic plan for my release 0.4 we shall see how it goes the end of this week. So until next time take care!

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