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Release 0.4 Progress

So this week I continued to work on the issues I collected from the previous planning week. I found that the progress of auditing and fixing the pages were a lot smoother than the first time I did it in my Release 0.3 assignment. I was able to have a better idea of what to look for and I was also able to reference the pull requests of what many of my classmates did for their audits. For example, in my first PR I didn't know how to make the Frontmatter for the markdown file, but I learned that from one of my reviews what it looked like.

id: data-conversions
title: "Data Conversions"
sidebar_position: 3
slug: /resources-appendices/data-conversions
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That made creating the Frontmatter much easier this time because I knew what I was doing and I also could double check with the other audited pages in the chapter to see if the slug was correct.

Another thing I didn't have to audit in my 0.3 PR was markdown tables and code blocks. The file that I audited in 0.3 did not have any tables or code so I never had to audit them. However, one of the PRs I reviewed before did have both so I was able to reference the fixes they made to also make similar checks for my pages.

The final significant change I had to fix were quoteblocks that used >. I had to change these to Admonitions, originally I did not really know what these were. However, from PR #84 I learned how make Admonitions in markdown:

Notice how the newline character (`'\n'`) (which was assigned to the tax **status** variable) places the closing parenthesis on a newline.
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So far I have accomplished my goal for this week and was able to complete the three issues I wanted to complete for this week. Now I just need to wait for those to get reviewed and make any fixes that my reviewers find. Hopefully I managed to do a better job this time and have less mistakes that I missed, if so then that's my other personal goal achieved. While waiting for that I will continue to work on my final issue, so until next time take care!

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