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Why I cross-post

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Some history

Since writing my first blog post over a year ago on my new gatsy-powered site, I've gone back and forth with how I want to share the content that I create. The main channel I've used so far is twitter, since that's pretty much the only platform that I'm active on social media wise. So, my first couple posts here were only shared on there.

At some point last year I heard about, and was intrigued by the idea of posting on there but didn't want to let my recently created site languish with no content or changes! So, I made the decision to post to both places at the same time, but only really share the link on An example of that is this twitter post sharing my Sharpen your ax article, there was no twitter post sharing the link to the post on my site... which at this point I think was a mistake.

Throughout the rest of 2019, posts were available on both platforms at roughly the same time. At the start of 2020, I started to reconsider this pattern as I was trying to evaluate my goals with cross-posting and the first article I wrote this year, didn't ever get posted to (that was my intro to react hooks article). I rather enjoyed writing that article! Not posting it on was probably a mistake though, since at least the tweet analytics make it seem like there wasn't much traction to it (though I'm probably just missing a lot of best practices for tweets...).

So, with that singular try at not posting on I decided to re-evaluate my relationship with This evaluation helped me realize that while I do follow a ton of blogs using RSS feeds through feedly (and my blog supports one! RSS Feed) I also do a good amount of my reading on, especially for when I'm looking to read about a topic in general. So, in order to tap into that while still giving some benefit to subscribing to my blog I decided to go back to cross-posting, but with a delay. The delay has been totally random so far and not automated at all... which has come with a couple benefits (though I'll probably automate it at some point...). The biggest benefit so far has been the extra, organic, sharing opportunity since I'll do a tweet when I post it on my website and then throw out another one from dev when it gets posted on there!

Why not just post on

Some might ask why I want to post on my own site at all... and the biggest reason is that I like having a place to tinker, but without a reason to come back to it regularly (like writing a new post) it languishes without any care or change.

Another reason to keep it on my site is that I recently started streaming on twitch at my channel there, and I'd eventually like to find a way to integrate that into my site. That might end up looking like posting recent streams, since I've been throwing them on my youtube channel to avoid the twitch auto-delete time of their video-on-demand. It might also end up looking like using react-livestream from Ryan Harris... who knows!

Also, I just launched a newsletter that people can join from my site! I'll probably start including that link when I cross-post to but each post on my site has the signup form embedded at the end of the post too.

Why not just post on my own site?

There's a ton of reasons to cross-post articles, so I'm just gonna list a few off the top of my head:

  • Network effects for discovery (aka the feeds)
  • People can customize the reading experience on the platform (at least on
  • On platform following (I have 180 followers apparently)
  • Comments... I don't want them on my site since I don't like them, but some folks do and has them

Current strategy summarized

After doing the delayed posting thing for a couple months now, I can say that I like it a lot. It's nice to have a chance for people to see the post at least twice, and there's a lot of benefits for readers by posting on There also isn't much friction there, since I generally write my posts in markdown and accepts markdown.

What's next?

I think I'm going to go back to posting on both platforms at the same time. Why? Because what I learned from reflecting on what I've tried so far (while writing this post out to see what I wanted to do) is that the bigger issue is that I don't really share the posts in a consistent way, not so much the platform that I post on. So, what I really need to adjust is my marketing strategy, not the posting strategy. I don't really see a reason to have it "exclusively" on my website, but what I should do is formulate a marketing strategy that takes advantage of both platforms.

So, what you'll probably see is something like this:

Write the post on my site and publish it to both platforms. There's a slight delay since I link to the published version on my site in the post.

Linking to my site:

  1. Put out a quick tweet about it right when I publish to write up the sum'd up version
  2. Schedule a newsletter post about it to go out the next morning
  3. Schedule a tweet for the second day it's up, similar to the first one but without the "just published" sentiment
  4. Retweet ^ at the 1 week or so mark
  5. Schedule a tweet for 3 weeks out to re-share
  6. Schedule a tweet for 3 months out to share it again

Linking to version:

  1. Put out a quick tweet from right when I publish there
  2. Schedule a tweet for the fourth day it's up, similar to the first one but without the "just published" sentiment
  3. Retweet ^ at the 2 week or so mark
  4. Schedule a tweet for 2 months out to share it again

I'm not set on a tool yet to help manage these scheduled things, so I'd love to hear your thoughts on twitter! Reply to this thread on it! If you have other thoughts on how to market blog posts, especially posts you've written, I'd love to read them!

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emma profile image
Emma Goto 🍙

Nice post! I cross-post too. If you hook up your site's RSS feed to, you can get a "Originally published at" link at the top of your posts (you can see it on one of my posts as an example). This saves you having to do it yourself manually.

jnielson94 profile image
Jordan Nielson

Ah, that's sweet! Right now my RSS feed is just an excerpt from the post instead of the entire thing... I guess I could dig in and change that, but that's why I haven't set that up yet :)

koprowski_it profile image
Daniel Koprowski

Good point - I was wondering about those comments (should I move comment section to twitter discussion). I also reposting some of my content here so it may be good point - who wants comments can comment here :) Thanks!

jnielson94 profile image
Jordan Nielson

Yep! That's the approach I've taken since twitter posts have little to no context while Dev has a pretty solid comments system (that supports markdown!)