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re: I've started keeping a GitHub repo of my bookmarks and notes, though I still need to flesh out the notes some more. ...

That is a really great repo! I have the same problem as you said in your opening statement in the README - I've accumulated so many articles that I want to read, but don't ever actually sit and read them. My notes are written in markdown now, I wonder how difficult it would be to write a script to export them into a repo like this so I can access it even when I don't have access to my note-taking app.


My main motivation for using Markdown was to use something like Gitlab snippets to have it available all the time on all devices :)

The repo motivated me to get my Reading List from 140 down to 0, so I recommend it!


In an attempt to break the cycle, I will first look at the length of the article. If I think I can read it in 5 minutes, I read it right away. That's been helping, but I still have a crazy backlog.

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