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Shaking things up a bit - ASPF02O Outro


Almost two years have passed since I started the "ASP.NET Core: From 0 to Overkill" series (or ASPF02O to save up some characters 🙃).

Something I've been thinking for a while now, even more with this anniversary approaching, is that I need to shake things up a bit in terms of my side projects. which will of course impact the content I create here on the blog and on the YouTube channel, namely the ASPF02O series.

Explore more topics

The main reason for considering this change is that I want to explore a greater variety of topics, which I have been planning to integrate into the series eventually,.

The problem with integrating more and more topics into the the series, is that being a series assumes at least a minimum sequence to the episodes, particularly when I set out to create a complete application during it. With this premise, it's hard to put things together in a timely fashion, ending up postponing the exploration of multiple topics, as they don't fit the context of the series at a given point in time.

My list of topics to explore is massive (and always expanding), but so far, with almost two years in, I'm probably not even at 25% 😱. Worse than the amount of topics to explore, is that some of the ones I'm more interested in playing with are postponed, as they didn't fit the series just yet.

Simplify sample content

Another reason for changing things, is that with the project complexity increasing, it's becoming harder to keep each episode focused on the important bits of the topic being discussed. Besides talking about the relevant things in the context of a topic, there's always a need to present the changes made to the existing code to support the introduced subject.

A good example of this is the sub-series about event-driven integration that I've been writing about lately. In fact, my idea was to interrupt the series after finishing this sub-series, but as I prepared episode 46 and struggled with decoupling the things that are relevant for this discussion from the rest of the project's complexity, I just felt it wasn't worth it. The post (and video) ends up harder to grasp than needed, which can cause the actual relevant bits to fly under the radar.

On the event-driven integration topic, it's likely that sometime in the future I'll redo the thing in a more self-contained fashion, with a simpler sample scenario. Let me know in the socials or the comments if you're interested 🙂!


Just to be sure it's clear, I'm not going to stop creating posts and videos, nor do I expect the cadence to change (if I can even say there's any kind of cadence to my content creation habits 😅).

What will change, is that I'll interrupt the ASPF02O series, starting to create more loose content, as topics pop into my head. A good example of that was the video I uploaded last week about running a .NET Core application in Kubernetes.

Hopefully this new strategy will result in more content variety and easier to understand examples.

Feel free to ping me with topic recommendations, maybe I'll get there eventually 🙃.

Thanks for stopping by, cyaz!

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