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re: Keep VS Code from Becoming an IDE VIEW POST

I'm part of the zippy editor/terminal group.

A Google search for zippy editor/terminal leads to Micro. Is this the thing you are part of?


No, but I've used it before. I'm just saying I tend to like using a separate, simple text editor and a terminal window. I don't tend to like large, powerful, all-in-one IDE's.


Oh I apologise for my mistake. Zippy is apparently an adjective. When you said that you were part of the zippy ide/terminal I thought it meant there is a minimalistic IDE out there called zippy and you are part of the group developing it so I curiously googled it. Haha!

Ooooh gotcha. Yep! Now I want to invent the Zippy Editor.

If it is gonna be an Electron app optimized to be minimal/efficient and not a command line tool I will join you on this endeavor.

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