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Discussion on: What was your win this week?

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Joe Attardi

I’ve always wanted to learn about Golang, but I never have any ideas of anything to actually build with it so I’d probably forget it all. This is what happened with me and Python, Ruby, and Elixir. I spent a lot of time learning them, never used them for anything significant, and my brain did a garbage collection and deleted the knowledge - or at least, moved it to archival storage 😃

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Tae'lur Alexis 🦄⚛

I literally was just having this conversation with someone last night about how you start to lose knowledge of a programming language if you’re not working with it on a consistent basis lol! I resonate deeply. That happened to me with python, NodeJS, c++, swift and now even CSS and I’m a frontend dev lmaoo. I hope to livestream building stuff with Go. There’s an idea I have in mind to build an expense manager app with user auth/reg so I’m hoping that motivates me. I also found writing blog posts or tutorials on my learnings helps reinforce the concepts too

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Rudy L.

Ah yes, the glorious expense app. If I had a peswa for each time I started then abandoned such projects, I'd have a cedi. I have excuses out the wazoo, but you at least have a plan which can help you stick with it.

I'm rooting for you! 🙂👍

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Gayan Hewa • Edited

The key IMO or at least what works for me is to do smaller problems (Micropatterns - I watched it in one of the talks about learning Elixir, but this works fine for any language. So its easier to stay engaged and learn the language if you work on smaller problems for an instance.

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