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What was your win this week?

jess profile image Jess Lee (she/her) ・1 min read


Looking back on your week -- what was something you're proud of?

All wins count -- big or small 🎉

Examples of 'wins' include:

  • Getting a promotion!
  • Starting a new project
  • Fixing a tricky bug
  • Cleaning your house...or whatever else that may spark joy 😄


Happy Friday!


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Got 2 paying customers for MeetingPlace.io - woot! 🎉


Thanks! Since the site is based around physical groups (in person meetup type groups) the lockdown really killed off activity (and one of my first customers cancelled :/) but it's found a new life with virtual events and remote groups!

So I'm leaning really hard into the remote side of things :)

Yup, it is an interesting situation for the world as many of us look for new ways to interact.

In early January 2020, I was dreaming about getting paid as a speaker for many dev conferences 🙄🙃

heh, yep! The world took a crazy left turn and upended so many plans :/


Congratulations! 🎉

Do you have a pet/professional project in mind?


Thank you! Yes, I am going to finally develop a personal website. I am not sure which kind of design it will have but I cannot wait to start! Gatsby is such a genius tech

Sweet. GraphQL is really strong these days. I used to work in a e-commerce website and we got to the first MVP within months using Gatsby + Shopify

Woah, that's a great result! I hope that GraphQL will be used more often in the future

Awesome, good look with your personal website that's a really cool project to work on, and you can test stuff there too


I’ve been learning the basics of Golang and loving it so far! Also finished editing 2 JavaScript tutorials I’ll publish here this weekend. Lastly my take home project for a React/Node position is due today wish me luck fingers crossed


I’ve always wanted to learn about Golang, but I never have any ideas of anything to actually build with it so I’d probably forget it all. This is what happened with me and Python, Ruby, and Elixir. I spent a lot of time learning them, never used them for anything significant, and my brain did a garbage collection and deleted the knowledge - or at least, moved it to archival storage 😃


I literally was just having this conversation with someone last night about how you start to lose knowledge of a programming language if you’re not working with it on a consistent basis lol! I resonate deeply. That happened to me with python, NodeJS, c++, swift and now even CSS and I’m a frontend dev lmaoo. I hope to livestream building stuff with Go. There’s an idea I have in mind to build an expense manager app with user auth/reg so I’m hoping that motivates me. I also found writing blog posts or tutorials on my learnings helps reinforce the concepts too

Ah yes, the glorious expense app. If I had a peswa for each time I started then abandoned such projects, I'd have a cedi. I have excuses out the wazoo, but you at least have a plan which can help you stick with it.

I'm rooting for you! 🙂👍


The key IMO or at least what works for me is to do smaller problems (Micropatterns - youtube.com/watch?v=9uvp4h7gXHg). I watched it in one of the talks about learning Elixir, but this works fine for any language. So its easier to stay engaged and learn the language if you work on smaller problems exercism.io for an instance.


Been a tough week, dealing with back pain (from sitting too much?), then last night I got a message that Medium curators selected an article I wrote on jq and JSON. (reposted here on dev.to). Then this morning I got a msg from The Startup@medium that they wanted to publish it.

It was a really big encouragement bc I always wanted to be a writer, but somehow ended up as this technician/real estate/handyman/construction--now, newbie software dev guy. Made my day! 😊


I enjoy writing a lot. My articles/posts tend to usually have low readership, though. I’m currently working on a book and my big fear is that no one will read it!

Congrats on that!


Yeah, same for me in terms of my articles and posts having low readership. I think one thing that helps is to ask people to read it and give honest opinions so I can improve. Its hard hearing criticisms though.


Oh so many, where do I begin?! Okay let's try:

  1. Getting to work with Golang all week, beautiful experience!
  2. I designed something that looks half decent! Twice! (plantcareforbeginners.com and aloiacms.com)
  3. I managed to help my friend set up GitHub Pages and seeing him being able to deploy his own website without any help was a wonderful experience (sandervolbeda.com, he's a great UX guy)!
  4. I took care of my plants! You have to have hobbies outside of work too right? 😁

Loving the plant care website ☘️

What kind of plants do you have?


Thank you! 😁 I have quite a few, but the most important ones are these: Sansevieria Trifasciata, ZZ Plant, Alocasia Polly, Alocasia Zebrina, and a few different Crotons and Spider plants. I have about 40 in total right now 🌿

What about you?

That's a lovely family of plants and so many!

I just started adopting plants this year:

  • Pothos
  • ZZ
  • Snake plants

Currently propagating the pothos too!

It's an amazing, but dangerous thing to start. Before you know it you have a jungle at home!

Pothos is still on my wishlist, so once the garden center opens again, I'm going to see if they have it!


Built a small game using Phaser!


Released a new major version of my emoji picker component, Emoji Button! Was working for several weeks on fixes and improvements, I’m really happy with how it turned out. Hopefully others will find it useful!



I completed the first version of a chapter of my bachelor thesis 🎉


I've been learning Js and it was frustrating. All week I woke up, watched a tutorial and after a few minutes I would get bored. Today, I tricked myself into learning more and having it stick within two hrs. I would watch a tutorial, today was Arrays, and after watching it I go learn some more about the same.That way, thr subject won't seem too strange and confusing plus I grasp more😌 that's a plus for me


I've been working on a HTML resume tutorial site, but took a break to speed-code a Zoom utility, which made me realize how much I love automation and little scripts like this.

Also, I joined Dev.to officially (having been a longtime no-account lurker)! Hello everyone!


I created a cool FB page for my french teaching "business" and I moved all my IRL classes to online classes while adapting to my students IT level: Jitsi, Skype Messenger, Line. Quite interesting to see how similar the services are. And how this kind of stuff was in the realm of technological dreams at the beginning of the "open" Internet. Oh and thanks to that I got 2 new customers living 800 km from my place.


I was able to attend the first Virtual Django meetup and learned a lot! 😄


I'm in the beginning I know but I had just learned javascript ❤
I was working with it and angular with just knowing the fundamentals. I know it's wrong but it was working 🤷‍♂️
Now I know the more advanced topics and I'm proud of that.


I released, and subsequently fixed a couple of times, my first VSCode Extension.

Hopefully it's useful to other people. It's had a few installs already, so things are looking good.


Not a professional developer so this felt like a win for me. I started setting up my personal GitHub repos with automated CI, vulnerability analysis, and style checking.

I also started working with Travis CI, which has been a learning curve.


Adding a new web page to track the growth of COVID-19 and its latest news. Although, there are a lot of nicer pages for the same purpose on the internet but I wanted to have some fun and to get into some new stuff.


Finally wrote a new blog and started working on a new one!!


I just--as in about an hour ago--published what's basically the last of a series of weekly posts (john.colagioia.net/blog/media/2020...) digging into the various free software social networks, today's post going through the highlights across the networks and what I think most of them could benefit from adding. The Practical Dev even got a quick mention as one of the modern systems that isn't quite what I'd call a social network (even though I'm probably wrong about that), but intentionally tries to encourage community through structural approaches.

I'll probably continue the Saturday morning posts (less regularly, after three and a half months) digging into some of the more interesting/important features and adding to my list when I spot a new network. But the project as I envisioned it is now done.

The wildest find in this search, I think, was gitgeist, a social network that uses a git repository for its database and communications protocol.


For work build a feature that allowed a user to search for a location they want or use their current location using google maps api.

For my well being I recovered well from dental surgery - feedback from the maxillofacial surgeon


Fixed a bug after 1h debugging by adding an additional pair of curly braces.

I had: { text: { source: file } }

I needed: { text: { source: { file } } }


Got a contract for a first developer job, a backend one too! All NodeJS which I'm practicing for years, finally I'll be able to put in a real job practice! 🎉


Finishing a pluralsight course on Data Structures and implementing all I learnt in Javascript. 😊


I completed LinkedIn Assessments on Java, Python, MongoDb and Git. Don't know how far it is effective but they do look good on the profile.



I submitted a PR to DEV!

Add optional fields to user #7246

  • this provides the back-end implementation for #2365

What type of PR is this? (check all applicable)

  • [ ] Refactor
  • [x] Feature
  • [ ] Bug Fix
  • [ ] Optimization
  • [ ] Documentation Update


This PR provides a back-end implementation for adding optional fields to user profiles (e.g. pronouns etc.) as discussed in #2365

Related Tickets & Documents


Mobile & Desktop Screenshots/Recordings (if there are UI changes)


Added tests?

  • [x] yes
  • [ ] no, because they aren't needed
  • [ ] no, because I need help

Added to documentation?

  • [ ] docs.dev.to
  • [ ] readme
  • [x] no documentation needed

[optional] Are there any post deployment tasks we need to perform?

[optional] What gif best describes this PR or how it makes you feel?

You can't just assume everyone's pronouns buddy!


My win was finally completing the Responsive Web Design course on FreecodeCamp and claiming the first certificate.



Have been struggling for over a month with an API implementation, but was able to finally get it to work they way I wanted it to


Made some progress on RXJS! 🤓💯


I've got 10k views on my youtube channel 🎉
And I'm really close to releasing my first ever SaaS project, it is called The Quiz API (quizapi.com)


we're going to production next week! 🥳🥳


I learned Flutter and made a video about it. youtu.be/mmdie4f_abs


Finally found the time to write a lessons learned article about Prototyping: dev.to/pinussilvestrus/creating-th... 🚀


I made a major update to the documentation of the requirements as code project. Finally, I‘m happy with it :-) github.com/bertilmuth/requirements...


Started learning in depth about aws!


I connect to a great author and he shared some insights to me.


I was working on Redis caching for the past few days and finally got it working for some of my APIs, it might not be too big but felt happy after accomplishing the task.


Tough time dealing with depression but yeah almost completed a playlists tutorial about JavaScript p5
So yippee


I was finally able to finish my side project! It is a starter kit for a shopping cart that uses NextJS (a ReactJS framework) and an AntD design system - github.com/loq24/react-ecommerce.


Built a telegram bot in Rust to show the data by country for covid-19

Here is the source code gitlab.com/jcaromiq/corona-bot/


Published my first ever npm library to send email via sendgrid/mailgun.


I started a MOOC, I uploaded a post, I did some homework from my Uni and now am not so far behind :)


Migrated a project I had started with Svelte to EmberJS successfully :)

I made a twitter thread and post (both in Spanish) for the curious


I started a Twitch channel mostly for knitting, but I also do code-y things every Tuesday! 🎉