Calico Helm Chart for Kubernetes

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While ago I was looking for Calico helm chart and there were some deployment files floating around the web using kubectl etc, but I really like to automate things with press of a button. So here it is a Calico Helm Chart that needs some love in case you are into Kubernetes.

mrzobot / calico-helm-chart

Helm Chart for Calico

Calico Helm Chart

I took AWS/EKS Calico Installation file that you can find here and split it into few files that make up the whole Helm Chart.

I have not worked on creating values.yaml file and templating it much, so if you have suggestions or time, feel free to update it. I just used the helm chart to test few things with automated Deployment.


Clone this repository

and then run

helm install . --name=calico --namespace=kube-system 

If you need to reference tiller, just add --tiller-namespace=NamespaceWhereTillerIsInstalled


This helm chart is really straight forward, however feel free to fork it or make changes. I'll see to make updates to values files and start disecting the yaml infrastructure within the template.

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