DevOps RoadMap

Joe Hobot on October 10, 2018

I read few articles this evening and I stumbled upon a nice github repo that has roadmaps for FrontEnd Dev, BackEnd Dev and DevOps. I would say ... [Read Full]
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Get along(support) with Devs/Ops/Noc/Qa etc..
Innovate and not being afraid of trying new things as well as make life easier for him/her self and others.

These two things are huge. The tech really isn't that hard to learn. But the soft skills to know how to talk to the people you need to work with is important.

Being able to take something like Python and glue two services together to deliver something useful for your coworkers is awesome.


Nice article, the only thing missing are the databases (postgres, mysql etc..) because a lot of devopsing is also dealing with the data...


I understand the database parts and for most people that I work with know mysql and postgress in a nutshell as well as building it from scratch, however not necessarily do complex tables updates and what not. Good point tho.


That all sounds about 100% right, from having worked at a big corporation where almost all of those tools were used.


Great article. I must admit I didn't really have a clear definition of what a DevOps Engineer does, and your article helped me to understand better their role!


I would have listed Spinnaker instead of Drone, but hey anything mature from CNCF works


What about someone who's trying to figure out how to become a DevOps engineer?
How would you advise they'd go about that?


I bought a homelab and that was the pivotal moment for me. Figuring out how to set up a hypervisor and deploy applications in a somewhat consistent manner...still not quite there yet. It's a lot of playing around with things and just enough reading to understand why you're doing the things you do.


There is probably hundreds of posts on r/devops just about that. IMO everyone is different. I seen guys becoming a Jr.DevOps Engineer straight out of college because they knew or know thing or two that comes with it. But then there are some that go from help desk to sys engineer to dev to devops ...


Seems that the backend knowledge is prerequisite for DevOps, if I read the diagram right.

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