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Discussion on: Is TailwindCSS Worth It?

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JoelBonetR • Edited on

Thanks for your detailed answer, i'll need to read the entire doc, not "more about" to be honest, I'll take a look after the current certificates i'm hands on.
Just to mention the point of having a tool for each job is that (in this example) you don't only compile and optimise CSS, you can deal with JS as well on the same bundler build which you'll need to do apart if you use a stand-alone tool for CSS so you'll end up with same number of tools anyway.

Apart from that, adding a bigger tech stack on a project means you'll need to find devs who know the entire stack or otherwise taught them. The first thing is near impossible this days due to the big fragmentation and the second one is an extra cost to the project.
You'll need to sum the tech refresh cost (to avoid or surpass the tech debt). Let me tell you a quick story... back those days jQuery was a must, a breaking change, then jQuery UI appeared and woah! (it was some nice try to reach what nowadays we know as react, angular, svelte etc) Nowadays all those projects made with jQuery and specially jQuery UI are involved in a tech refresh to quit using that and the target is JS ES6 and React or Angular or... respectively.

You know what do need a refactor from time to time but keeps a much extended life cycle? "Standard"
I put it in quotes because in web dev world it's a unicorn word but the standards are here to take and if you rely on them instead using custom tech you'll end up saving money most of time.

If you ask me for the tech stack for a 100M software product I would probably pick React due to its benefits but I'll be more picky with a "tool for styling" and more if you talk about "custom CSS properties".

To end this comment I've just searched "Tailwind" on LinkedIn jobs and I've found only three job offers that mention Tailwind and the format is that one that follows:

  • "Frameworks like Tailwind, Bootstrap, JQuery are a plus."

Take you own conclusions about that, and if it's a good tool (i'll test it by July approx) I hope it'll grow up but i've seen many good tech that is not popular enough like webassembly stay in the background sadly. The time will tell.

Edit: Oh I just remember about CSS Houdini, wasn't that supposed to do something similar to what tailwind does? It was also acclaimed by many people but if I follow my feed it's dead since time ago

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Sloan, the sloth mascot
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"LinkedIn is not a real source of truth anymore" ahá ahá so you'll highlight newspaper ads searching for developers or what?

I'm in touch with loads of IT professionals I've known all those years and know what? All of them had been employed from LinkedIn once or multiple times.
Last time I wanted to switch I went to LinkedIn jobs and "et voilà".

If the platform that matches more IT recruiters with IT professionals in the entire world is not a real source of truth tell me what could be.

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David Gil de Gómez

I have been working as a developer for about 12 years and none of my jobs/projects have been found via LinkedIn.

Stack Overflow jobs is a much better source of truth that LinkedIn, which IMHO is a little bit of a wasteland.