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Discussion on: Do you start with frontend, backend, or both?

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did you just avoid the context of "newcomers that start learning to code" another time?

Yes I've used "serverless" with Google Cloud Functions for example and yes it was about triggers when calls came into the switchboard on a specific company but... Holly cow! It seems an add to serverless more than a reliable comment about a topic. Please read the title of the post and understand the context where we are discussing in.

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The Sharp Ninja

I'm not convinced that anyone should ever plan on serverless as an architectural requirement. A more general pattern, such as Mini-Mon should be explored before making such a decision.

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Jonathan Boudreau

Nothing in your previous comments suggests "newcomers that start learning to code". You speak of working with teams and learning the development process, which sounds more like starting a your first company to me. I don't disagree that if you're starting to learn how to code, you should probably focus on that instead.