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This Week in JavaScript by Joel 2020-10-16

Why Tailwind CSS

TailwindCSS Logo

Why Tailwind CSS is an interesting piece by swyx making the case for Tailwind.

What makes this article interesting is that he started as a non-believer even making such remarks against it:

Tailwind caused ugly unreadable classname soup and said zero-runtime CSS-in-JS could do more with a lower learning curve. -- swyx

After shipping a few projects with Tailwind, he's now done a full 180.

I was wrong on 2 counts: Tailwind is easier to learn than I thought, and CSSinJS's flexibility can be a negative. -- swyx

From naysayer to believer, it's an interesting read if you are on the fence with Tailwind.

🔗 Why Tailwind CSS

Testing Non-Exported Functions in JavaScript

Testing Non-Exported Functions

Testing Non-Exported Functions in JavaScript by samantha_ming solves the problem of testing non-exported functions.

Typically these function either go untested or become exported just for testing.

Now you can leave those functions un-exported and still run your test suite against them.

🔗 Testing Non-Exported Functions in JavaScript


RSLint is an extremely fast JavaScript linter written in Rust focusing on ease of use, customizability, and speed.

RSLint is still a Work in Process and ESLint is still the recommended linter for JavaScript, but this is still an interesting project that I'm tracking.

🔗 RSLint


Amplibox is a Self Hosted File Storage App with AWS Amplify also by swyx.


The demo looks incredible and it's pretty easy to setup.

🔗 Amplibox


Remix is at it again! This time with a coding tutorial from Ryan Florence on caching.

If you were ever curious about what an etag is, cache-control headers and how the browser reacts to these. Then I I would highly recommend watching this:

🔗 Remix

Community Shout Out

Devs Like Us is a brand spanking new YouTube channel with only 80 subscribers so far!

Screenshot of Devs Like Us YouTube Channel

They have got a bunch of Podcast style content and discuss topics like Work Life Balance, Self-Taught vs Bootcamps vs College, etc.

Their content is fantastic and they deserve way more than 80 subs. So head over to their YouTube and hit that SUBSCRIBE!

📺 Devs Like Us YouTube



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