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I decided to go with SWAPI. Here's the examoke I was creating:

This function is for something new I am working on called Promise Lifting.



Soon we’ll be looking for the 3rd party services that write the code we need for us.

Why would I ever reach for some services if writing an API service with all the responses being under our full control, suitable for both tests and demos, takes 10 minutes?

Here is one with 10×μs response times (shameless plug):


Great question!

My use-case is I am writing documentation for a library (MojiScript) and want to provide example code that is runnable and also a real-world usage type example.

My second use-case is I write a lot of articles that demonstrate JavaScript code. I also want these examples to be runnable. I also want them to be more relatable to the readers real life use cases and not some contrived examples.

Something like a web server is too heavy for these types of demonstrations.

I'm sure there are many other valid use cases for them, otherwise they would not exist.

Soon we’ll be looking for the 3rd party services that write the code we need for us.

I think they call this NPM.


Awesome a whole list of public APIs. I'm sure I'll find something perfect for my use case in here.

Cheers! - data model makes sense, no auth so easy on ramp, JSON readability that’s within reach and visual if you want.


That is an interesting API. I haven't seen that one. I'll have to keep this one in mind.

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