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Jogendra Kumar
Jogendra Kumar

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Using Vim for Go Development

As a programmer, you spend a lot of time using text editors, IDEs, etc to code. So it is important what and how you use it. I recently moved to Vim for Go development and I am totally loving it. Initially, I was using VSCode with Go extension and after that, I used GoLand for a while. Visual Studio Code and GoLand both are totally awesome, I loved using them too. It definitely takes some time to learn using vim but it is worth the learning. It is totally up to you what works better for you. Do not use vim just because others are using it. I am very much a beginner to vim and things I am going to explain in this is what I learned after I started using it. I would be really glad if you are a long time Vim user and have some good advice/suggestions. You can put them in the comment section of this post. If you are a beginner, I will put some good resources for learning vim at the bottom of this post.

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zluther89 profile image

Can i ask how you get your documentation definition to show up inline like in the screenshot? Mine shows up in a Scratch preview at the top of my screen after following your tutorial.

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Raine Virta

You need:

let g:go_doc_popup_window = 1

I'm not sure if it works in vanilla vim but it should work in neovim.

anonymouse profile image

Works in Vim 8+, you don't need neovim for that.

kiddkoder profile image

Exactly what I was looking for you are awesome man thank you!

cijin profile image
Cijin Cherian

That was very helpful. Thanks a ton. :)

jogendra profile image
Jogendra Kumar

I'm glad it was helpful to you :)