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Had to try it out, onetab seems pretty sweet! But for my contribution these are the addons I'm most often using:

  • Grepper (pretty new, but I think it has potential) a kind of community driven "code snippet finder" that helps you save/find code solutions you're searching for:

  •, each time you open a new tab there's a newsflow with interesting tech news, discussions kind of similar to this which you can filter on you particular fields of interest. Awesome if you're trying to stay up to date/learn new things about tech:

  • Dark reader, for turning your browser into dark mode during those late coding nights/when you want that "hacker feeling" to not be interupted with black text on a which screen! ;) B)

  • A password vault, there's a few to choose from so you'll have to find which one you trust yourself. One of the most famous being lastpass for an example. Pretty sweet if you want stronger passwords since these most of the time can generate really complex passwords which is difficult to bruteforce and you don't have the issue of having the same passwor on multiple sites. Often these also has apps so you can use them crossplatform on diffierent devices and don't have to trust the browser passwords keeper (they know plenty enough about me already, not gonna give them my passwords as well ;P ). One recommendation would be to pick one with 2 factor authentication (and on that note enable it on all apps/sites you can, github being one).

If anyone has suggestions for alternatives/better options or know of any security vulnerabilities or simlar stuff, please comment. Always looking for new things to try out! :)

Hack the planet! (also comment if you're old/nerdy enough to get the reference! ;P )

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Timothy Merritt

Also, similarly,'s Privacy Policy is pretty concerning. Here's an inspection of their user-tracking tech, including recording user sessions as heat maps, and allowing Google Analytics to follow you after you leave the site. Unfortunately, these practices can be pretty commonplace; many kinds of aggregators and suggestion-based services like this are invasive and data-hungry, and they warrant a deep dive into their policies before using.

That said, privacy policies exist so you can choose how much information/analytics you're willing to part with to use a service, and anyone is of course free to use these kinds of services if the trade off seems worth it. I'm a bit of a feisty privacy/security advocate, though, and just thought I'd pass along the info. 😉

For privacy/security-minded extensions, these are some I've used over the years:

General Privacy/Security

More Advanced Privacy/Security

These can be used in combination with each other and the above to get a pretty ironclad hold over your browsing data and protections, but the policies for each should still be read beforehand.

Hope these help!

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Timothy Merritt

Grepper sounds like an interesting idea, but their privacy policy leaves a bit to be desired for me, considering the data they collect about you:

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Anja Author

Hi Johlun, thanks a lot for sharing! 😊 🙌