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re: Has Stack Overflow Become An Antipattern? VIEW POST


This article would be 100% better if you linked to or screenshotted actual examples of the problems you're talking about.

It's easy to claim that people respond with 'how dare you ask why you can't cast a string to a double, you snivelling plebeian.' but … do they really?

It's easy to claim that you've lost count of the examples where a python answer is completely wrong, but … if there are so many, surely you could give just one or two examples?

I'm sure your general point is valid, but to be honest, the specific claims you're making seem highly exaggerated.


The trouble is, one doesn't usually keep a log of something that vast and depressing, and it would be an enormous task to compile enough evidence. I know I'm presenting this without citation, but as you can see from the comments on this thread, I'm not alone in these observations.

As I've said to two other comments questioning exaggeration: this is my experience, and those of people I've mentored and worked with. I'm glad yours has been different.


P.S. The "sniveling plebeian" line was an expression of attitude, not a direct quote. Actually, I wouldn't quote some of the stuff that I've seen. A lot of it would violate our CoC.

You can blank out any swear word. Or you can link to the offensive post with a warning and not quote it directly.

I already have enough work, I don't need to be pouring hours into finding sufficient examples to satisfy you. I'm sorry. You're welcome to look yourself, as it is a public website. Otherwise, you can believe me as is, or you can disbelieve me. I really don't care whether you believe me or not. This is not to say there is no evidence, just that I value my time too highly to spend it digging up toxic waste.

I wrote this article mainly for the people who have had these experiences themselves, and to start a discussion about what went wrong, and how to prevent those mistakes from being replicated elsewhere.


I didn’t say my experience was different.

Also there’s nothing to stop you searching Stack Overflow right now and adding a few examples, either in a comment or in an update to your article.

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