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re: Would the npm ci command be of any help in this kind of scenarios? It wipes the modules folder before installation.

I think npm ci is a great tool! Thanks for adding this thought!

From what I read on the npm blog they said

npm ci bypasses a package’s package.json to install modules from a package’s lockfile. This ensures reproducible builds—you are getting exactly what you expect on every install.

This may be what you want, but sometimes the package lock is a problem too (in my experience).

So ... I think this can be a great solution, if that package lock is good to go. If not, then wipe


In my experience npm ci is very useful in very specific situations. Ironically, since you're blowing away the modules that were resolved you'll most likely end up with the same problem you had before if you try with npm ci since those modules are also resolved into pacakge-lock.json.

Those are great points. Thanks for adding

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