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New Release - Choose Your Named Color with Peacock 0.3.0

Thank you to the great OSS community for helping with issues and pull requests for Peacock! Since I released Peacock last week, I have had updated it with several improvements.

When I announced it, it seemed to go over well (thanks for the support). I received several good suggestions/requests via Twitter and GitHub. So I decided to add a few of them.

peacock icon

What's New

Here are the new features: (or you can check out the

The biggest new features are ...

  • you can choose a named color (e.g. purple, dodgerblue, grey)

  • new logo!

  • you can reset (aka clear) all colors that Peacock sets in the workspace.

  • you can tell Peacock which parts of VS Code will be affected by when you select a color. You can do this by setting the property peacock.affectedSettings to one or more of the valid values below.

  // Valid settings you can choose to be affected
  "peacock.affectedSettings": [
  • set and select your favorite color preferences

Here are all of the customizations you can set.

Property Description
peacock.affectedElements prefixes of elements affected by peacock
peacock.darkForeground override for the dark foreground
peacock.lightForeground override for the light foreground
peacock.preferredColors array of strings for color names and hex values

After setting 1 or more colors (hex or named) in the user setting for peacock.preferredColors, you can select Peacock: Change to a Preferred Color and you will be prompted with the list from peacock.preferredColors from user settings.

"peacock.preferredColors": [

Get Peacock

If you have Peacock and want the update, VS Code will prompt you soon.

If you are interested in trying out Peacock, you can find it here in the marketplace. It is currently in preview, which means there may be dragons ahead.

  • Get the extension here
  • Contribute to GitHub repository here

Worst case, this extension is just something I'll use, and that's OK. But if you like it too, please give it a try and submit feedback in GitHub. You can open issues or grab an open issue and help contribute.


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