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Discussion on: 4 Steps To Grow Your People Skills

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John Luke Garofalo

Yes! All three books mentioned are must-reads. How to Win Friends and Influence People has been instrumental in who I am today. I drop-ship it to any unfortunate friend who gets me talking about it. I'm so glad that you are sharing this, Cristina!

Another related book that I am constantly recommending is The Culture Code: The Secrets of Highly Successful Groups by Daniel Coyle.

I'm still not perfect in talking with people and I will never be and that is perfectly okay.

You have made more effort by reading those three books than most of the people I've met. That is extremely impressive and I'm certain that you will see the compounding benefits of the lessons you learned for years to come. I didn't used to be good at this of stuff, but as I learned and applied that learning, I started to see others' redefine my identity. My sister would say, "I wish I was a people person like you." or my girlfriend would say, "You always know how to get people talking and feeling comfortable." This taught me a valuable lesson: Your identity is fluid and it isn't defined by what you are good at right now.

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Cristina Ruth Author

Thank you for the compliments! I definitely am a different person now than years ago. I love your point about identity. Very true.

It's all driven by what we do now and we can change it!

I’ve never heard of that book you mentioned - thank you for the recommendation - will check it out! 😊