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Online Dating gets a lot of flak from detractors because they consider it less safe than meeting other people in real life. The primary reasoning for their distrust is that unlike real world dating, where your date is probably introduced by someone you know and trust, dates you met through the Internet are totally anonymous, and rarely has anyone vouch for them. Fortunately, this safety issue is only a misleading case of people's expectations. You cannot be physically hurt or harmed by someone online, and you are very safe sitting in front of your computer as you get to know other people. Following these rules of online dating makes it significantly safer than meeting a person in a local bar or restaurant.

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1.) Don't immediately give out sensitive information. In order to keep online dating safe, you need to know if your date can be trusted before i need someone to talk to letting him get close to you. You need to know what question to ask when dating online, or try to find out info about him first. There are various ways you can know each other without meeting them face to face first or inviting them to your apartment.

2.) Don't accept invitations to blind dates. This is very dangerous, and without any trusted person vouching for your date's credibility, there is no way you can be sure that he isn't a criminal or malicious individual. A good person wouldn't mind being asked a sensitive question when dating online. If he refuses to answer, drop him immediately.

3.) Be careful when exchanging photos. Don't send out pictures first. Always ask for a trade. And when sending your photo, don't send out pictures that are too old, since that may give them unnecessary expectations, but don't send out pictures that are too recent, which may be used in stalking. Don't send out pictures of yourself that may give away the location of your house or your place of work.

4.) Try not to have too high of an expectation. This is where the picture of your date comes in handy. If you have no face to associate with your date, chances are you may over embellish his features and construct a physical appearance that will be impossible to live up to. Don't set yourself up for a disappointment.

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