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Blog post: Getting to Know GitHub Actions with Markdownlint

jonasbn on November 15, 2019

Finally GitHub Actions got out of beta! Well I actually participated in the beta programme, but I wanted to wait a bit with writing about GitHub Ac...
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Do note the Dockerfile pointing to node on alpine:


Might trigger some errors like:

Error: could not get uid/gid
[ 'nobody', 0 ]

Please see this StackOverflow post for more details.

I followed the advice changing base image to a Debian based on:


This works like a charm

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As I outlined towards the end of my post an action using XMLlint was just as easy to do. Well it can be even easier than that since somebody already did it for you and made it available on the GitHub Marketplace. I have not used it myself yet, but I will give it a spin when I get the time.