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Discussion on: TIL: Todo Tree a nifty VScode Extension

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jonasbn Author • Edited on

The configuration format has changed, so here is an update to the example outlined above

    "todo-tree.tree.autoRefresh": true,
    "todo-tree.highlights.defaultHighlight": {
        "type": "text-and-comment"
    "todo-tree.highlights.customHighlight": {
        "TODO": {
            "foreground": "black",
            "background": "green",
            "iconColour": "green",
            "icon": "check",
            "type": "text"
        "FIXME": {
            "foreground": "black",
            "background": "red",
            "iconColour": "red",
            "icon": "bug"
        "REVIEW": {
            "foreground": "black",
            "background": "cyan",
            "iconColour": "lightblue",
            "icon": "eye"
        "HACK": {
            "foreground": "black",
            "background": "#FFA500",
            "iconColour": "orange",
            "icon": "alert"
        "REF": {
            "foreground": "black",
            "background": "grey",
            "iconColour": "grey",
            "icon": "link",
            "type": "tag"
    "todo-tree.general.tags": [

The mentioned TIL has also been updated, including some nifty snippets to write the suggested annotations