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Release 0.23.0 of Spellcheck (GitHub) Action - feature release enabling French

Hourra, nous avons une nouvelle version

I am happy to announce that the Spellcheck GitHub Action now supports French in addition to:

  • Spanish
  • German
  • And English

You can specify the language by setting lang like so:

lang: fr
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For French in your configuration.

- name: Markdown
    lang: fr
    - .wordlist.txt
    encoding: utf-8
  - pyspelling.filters.markdown:
  - pyspelling.filters.html:
      comments: false
      - code
      - pre
  - ''
  default_encoding: utf-8
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In addition the Docker base images have been updated from 3.10.2 (used in 0.22.0 and 0.22.1) to 3.10.4

That is all. If you experience any issues please report them via GitHub - thanks to @gcattan for the request.

I am working on a bug fix release, not related to any of the recent releases, but a general issue with how GitHub Actions pass parameters to a Docker image and how these are parsed. I have been doing some investigation, but have not come to a conclusion on how to handle this, where backwards compatibility can be honored - more information will follow or you can follow along via issue #84 - thanks to Mike Starov (@xsaero00) for reporting the issue.

At the same time I have started to look into a sunset strategy for some of the older releases and their respective Docker images, initial notes currently in the Wiki. I plan to sunset release 0.13.0, which is almost a year old I have only been able to locate one user of this old release, to whom I have submitted a PR with an update. My plan for now is to hold on to older releases for at least 365 days. Which mean that release 0.14.0 will require some more work, since there are several users of this older release.

I plan to start using GitHub discussions to announce, well announcements related to releases, sunsets etc.

Change log for 0.23.0

0.23.0, 2022-04-09, feature release, update not required

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