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Release 0.18.0 of Spellcheck (GitHub) Action - a minor feature release

I am very happy to announce the release of 0.18.0 of Spellcheck GitHub Action.

The release introduces use of annotations and was contributed by Riccardo Porreca. The annotations are a marvelous alternative to scouring the log files.

You can read more about extending your workflow with commands here.

Riccardo sent a very nice PR, which linked to the external resources, but also his own proof of concept, which demonstrated the use.

Changing actions is not always easy, it might take some effort to get to a situation, where you can actually emulate what you want to accomplish, before sending the proposed changes upstream - so this effort is really appreciated.

I have used annotations for another project and if you are using xmllint in relation to GitHub actions, I can really recommend: korelstar/xmllint-problem-matcher, which emits some awesome annotations, which can help you spot issues in your XML and XSD implementations, you can see an example here.

I do not know, why have not thought about using annotations for the spellcheck action, but the PR from Riccardo reminded me of the awesomeness of these annotations. so the PR was most welcome.

This might be a minor enhancement, but it is most welcome and perhaps we can improve and extend this even further in the future, with more and better annotations.

Change log

0.18.0, 2021-10-31 feature release, update not required

  • This release introduces an enhancement or new feature if your will, implemented by @riccardoporreca via PR #67. The enhancement takes advantage of the ability to make annotations on actions, so you can from the action overview see an annotation indicating the error by the emitted error message from the action

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