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Help me validate blog ideas!

I'm going to start blogging in 2018. I guess this post is a good start!

I joined the #BlogMore track in the #CNC2018 project. The pre-mission was to read about the three different categories of blog posts, and find a great post that fit each category. The three categories are tutorial, explainer, and project: a tutorial post walks the reader through accomplishing a specific task, an explainer post explains some general concept, and a project post describes a project that the author is working on. I turned that "assignment" in a couple days ago, and now have my first mission!

My first mission is to brainstorm ten ideas, narrow it down to five, and then get feedback from the community on these five ideas to narrow it down to the best three. I've narrowed my brainstorm down to five, but now I need your help to validate my ideas! Here are the five ideas I came up with:

Tutorial: GitHub
How to set up a new project on GitHub, including best practices for READMEs, licenses, git branching, etc.

Tutorial: React
Creating your first react app using CRA (create-react-app), and describing the advantages and disadvantages to using CRA.

Explainer: REPL
Defining a REPL (Read-Evaluate-Print Loop), giving examples of common ones, and why you might want to use one.

Project: Portfolio
Showing the current state of my personal "portfolio" site, improvements I want to make, and walking through the steps I take to change it.

Project: Crystal Football
A few months ago, I released an app called Crystal Football to the Google Assistant directory. This post would explain that process, and walk through improvements that I would like to make or am making.

So that's it! I've also posted a poll in the CNC2018 Facebook group. I'd love your feedback on what you'd like to see and why - vote in the Facebook poll or comment below.

Thanks for reading!

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Jonathan Cass


After getting feedback from this post, Twitter, and the CNC2018 Facebook group, my two most popular ideas were by far:
Project: My portfolio site
Tutorial: GitHub

Tied for third were:
Explainer: REPL
Project: Crystal Football

So I'm going to cheat a little bit and choose all four as my topics :).
Thanks for the feedback everyone!

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Dimitris Nikolos

I'm interested in react and the portfolio!