My third Hacktoberfest

joncojonathan profile image Jonathan Haddock Updated on ・1 min read

This was my third Hacktoberfest and, despite promising myself I wouldn't leave it to the last minute, I, again, left it to the last minute! It's quite scary seeing the progress tracker saying that PRs are being validated when they complete doing that after the end of October!


I've been developing in various languages since I was a teenager, initially starting with Microsoft Quick BASIC. My general language of choice is PHP although I'm able to write Android apps too. My developer journey is described on my blog.


My aim each year is not to only submit documentation corrections for typos - I want my contributions to make a difference. This year I submitted some additional documentation, added support for PHPStan and added a new menu option to a Java application. I'm likely to continue working on the Java application, as it's one that I use. When it comes to PHPStan, I'd planned to start using that in my own projects so it was interesting to see how that worked while helping someone else.


Sadly the pandemic meant that my plan to run an in person event / boot camp had to be cancelled - something that hopefully I'll be able to do in 2021. I look forward to Hacktoberfest each year, having been introduced by a friend, so I'm already contemplating what sort of projects I'll be looking for during the next one.


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