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How to Increase Your Python Skills

Programming, like many other skills, is best learned in practice. Python is one of the most versatile programming languages available. It’s easy to learn, fun to write and can be applied to a wide range of fields.

The following list of resources will help you increase your Python skills. These resources include websites, blogs, tutorials and books to take you from Python beginner to advanced developer. Continue reading to discover some simple ways to upskill your knowledge.


Collection of websites that help you learn the Python programming language.

Learn the basics of Python and some additional things. This Python tutorial is a very extensive and detailed course that will help beginners learn Python in a few weeks. The course will cover the basics of Python

Here you will find collections of tutorials for all skill levels. Tutorials on a wide variety of Python topics like web development, GUI programming, computer vision and others.

Learn how to make desktop applications with the Python programming language

Articles about Machine Learning and other advanced topics. Here you will find beginner and advanced tutorials on Python programming language for novice programmer to professional programmer.

A tutorial on using tkinter, a very miminal GUI module, to create desktop apps. It used to be the default way to make desktop apps with Python.


Series of exercises intended to help you practice and develop your skills. You’ll learn to use Python in many different ways—to process text, manipulate numbers, generate graphics, read files and more.

Book with many exercises, great for beginner Python programmers. It also contains answers, in case you get stuck with the exercise.

Some other exercises for the Python language.

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