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A Bit of Progress

So some of you may have seen my post a few weeks ago about having an interview with several people at a company I applied to. Good news, if you haven't gone back to that post, I got the job!

In this weird time where people are being furloughed and laid off from their jobs I feel a bit bad about celebrating this win. Not just because I got this job. I also applied to be a Teaching Fellow with LaunchCode and got that as well! I am now one week out from training with LaunchCode and two weeks out from starting the new "real" job. I wanted to be able to post this win on Facebook and LinkedIn, but I feel it's better not to. At least I can post it here.

Enough about the psychology that's happening in my brain. For both jobs I have to learn JavaScript, Angular, PHP, and Drupal. I'm excited to dive into these, especially since I've already been seriously working my way through JavaScript on Codecademy and through LaunchCode (I'm a graduate of LC101 with LaunchCode. My cohort was the last one to do Python paired with Java. Now it's JavaScript and Java and we retain our access to all of the coursework) since about February. I'm catching on pretty well and have made it my plan to get through all the standard JavaScript by my start date with the main job. I'm doing pretty well attempting to work through something everyday.

I'm really excited to do both of these jobs and a little nervous as both will be virtual until (let's be real) the government/my state says we can return to the office/classroom (oh my god this is getting confusing. Sorry!). I wanted to try to track my progress and even thought about making a YouTube channel for it, but when I started I was also doing rehearsals for a play that wound up getting cancelled. So maybe I'll try to do it for Angular, PHP, and Drupal.

Thank you for reading my ramblings! Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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