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A Second Interview!

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I got a second interview with a company I applied to and would really like to work for. This interview is very different from what I've ever done. I was told it was going to be a group interview, but its actually a series of 30 min interviews with the executive level employees, including the CEO. I'm planning on trying to do a bit of research on each person, but I'm pretty nervous about this one.

I'm trying to remind myself that the worse they can say is no in the end, but this is also part of my career change. So even though not a lot is riding on it, I feel like like A LOT is riding on this opportunity.

This is my first post. Thank you for killing your time to read it!

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hello Jonesey

I have a stupidly simple tip to handle stress sitting the job interview:
admit right from the start that you are a bit stressed because of the job interview

everyone has felt the same way before so they will help you to be more at ease


Apart from that, try to make the interview more about them and less about you

ask them why they are hiring right now
what are their most important goals in the next quarter
where there are right now
what they struggle
how they work
etc you get the idea


Thank you! I didn't even think about asking something like this! I super appreciate your insight.

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