re: repo-lister, a simple way to get an overview of repositories VIEW POST

re: Hi, thanks!, yeah as you found the scraper outputs JSON, currently just a simple set of keys per repo that gets rendered in this repo-card componen...

Just to say I've merged (preliminary) support for, and cut release 0.3.0.

I didn't manage to get the readme file as HTML via the GL API so no badge-scraping yet, but the basic information should show up. I'll see if I can figure out those badges next time.

Hosted GitLab and the other providers are great suggestions too, I'll mull those over 🤔 And if you end up contributing that's of course always welcomed 😄

Maybe you could request the raw document?

Also, if you do so, make sure to have some "interchangeable" mechanism, so I could e.g. implement restructuredtext parsing for that.

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