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Discussion on: The obscure `Function#length` property!

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Jon Randy • Edited on

Not that obscure - I was using it in my project just last week!

I had two different functions to run for attaching methods to objects - one for methods that took arguments, another for methods that didn't. The Function length property was very useful to create a convenience function to automatically pick the correct method adder.

It is also used in the commonly used function that will curry the passed function:

function curry(func) {

  return function curried(...args) {
    if (args.length >= func.length) {
      return func.apply(this, args);
    } else {
      return function(...args2) {
        return curried.apply(this, args.concat(args2));

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Lioness100 Author

Oooh, genius! (And the project that you linked is super cool too!)