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20+ Best Discord Bots You Must Have on Your Server

mee6 destroys the bot dev market along with dyno. Someone mus...

How do You Tell if a Project is Maintained?

if maintainers respond to issues, and if it is archived

Best Programming languages in 2021

zig is freaking heaven in a nutshell

What if we had a method on arrays called `.combineWith`?

no Absolutely, in fact i just took that code and used it lo...

Flask Tutorial - The Interactive way, Ask Me Anything for three hours

is flask able to have endpoints closed/opened on command?

I created my first game after quitting web development! 🎮

hmmmm, maybe i should make the switch..

Styling vs Scripting. Which one is the hardest to learn/control?

styling is my worst nightmare


poggers, this is useful as heck xD

Have you ever considered to be a YouTuber?

I've done it, got nowhere with it since I used Chromebook bac...

What awesome tools did you discover recently?

GitKraken. Plain and simple, no questions, just, simplicity.....

What makes frontend so miserable for backend developers?


What makes frontend so miserable for backend developers?

css, and html tags, both make no sense.

My thoughts on the discord api ban ( legal minimum age addition )

being dumb

Goodbye Nginx, hello Caddy

sad Developer noises Oh, Caddy? HAPPY DEVELOPER NOOOISES

Node v14.3.0 released. Bye Deno?

I don't think deno will die cause of this, but, I can guarant...

P2Pbin: A peer to peer paste sharing site with no servers.

Breaking news: Computer nerds revolutionize the web browser b...

My first Hacktoberfest 😬

paniks because he forgot about hacktoberfest, when he wanted ...

What is the web scraping and how it works?