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node-red-db???? what happened to html-db?

jonyk56 profile image Jonyk56 ・1 min read

Well, I'll tell ya! So... we all know how bad html-db was, very poorly coded, barely worked, and if it did, the filesaver was useless, well, I changed that, and html-db will now be usable in the way it was intended, but, not in its normal minimalistic way... no, If it was gonna work as intended, best we just scrap the entirety of part of its functionality, usage on client side webpages... but "Jony, why is it still named html-db??!???", easy. After getting yelled about this by one of my friends, i decided node-red-db was a better fit, as it is made for nodejs only, and because there is a pun in there ( like, cmon, should've seen it coming mates! ).

Now then, we got a name, we scrapped the old code, we removed the intended usage for it, what else? THIS:

don't, actually click that with headphones on, it is my attempt at scaring ya

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